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Top 4!
Unique Fathers Day Gifts
for the Man Who Has Everything

1) Fly Tacks
Hand tied
flies mounted to an executive gold-plated push-pin, perfect for the corporate corkboard!

2)Find IT! 

# When an item is lost, press the corresponding button on portable base.
# Disc flashes and beeps with varied cadence when base gets within 40 feet of item.

3)Swiss Army Cybertools

This sharp looking translucent ruby CyberTool has the 29 tools and many more uses.

icon 4) SwissMemory
Two Great Victorinox Tools:
Choose one of the "SwissMemory" tools and you have a full function Swiss Army knife. Or pick the "SwissMemory Air Travel" which has no sharp tools and is safe for air travel. -- But in either case, the memory stick is detachable from the casing for secure airline travel.

Fly Fishing Gift!FLY TACK IMAGE

FLY TACKS are the perfect fly fishing gift for every fly fisherman or fisherwomen on your unique gift list. Our hand tied flies are mounted to an executive gold-plated push-pin, giving you one of the most unique gift ideas out there for that hard-to- buy-for executive, of for your fishing loved one!

Everyone will notice the latest pay scale increases when they are posted by the always popular FISHING GIFT – THE EGG SUCKING LEECH FLY TACK.

Got a co-worker that always claims he couldn’t find your message? Stick it to his pile with a MUDDLER MINNOW FLY TACK , and he is sure to get the point!!!!

Price: $19.95
(4 Fly Tacks per case)



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Fishing Book!!

a perfect unique fisherman gift that will have your loved one laughing on the floor! (Click Here to See more!)

(humorous fish tales)

What Happens On A Fishing Trip--Stays On A Fishing Trip...

Much like the marketing slogan of the city of Las Vegas, what happens on a fishing trip...stays on a fishing trip.

And with good reason.

Now, before you let your mind wander to seedy places and envision some sort of steamy Desperate Housewives in waders scene, understand that what I am talking about here, is mainly the transgression of grown men to a state of adolescence.

Of course, what some may call transgression, may actually be a state of bliss for others, and most card carrying males would prefer to remain in the eighth grade anyhoo.Most fishing trip foibles are caused by a slight abuse of alcohol, (O.K. maybe a little more than slight) in deadly combination of serious abuse of the legume.Most women would be surprised to find that men are such patrons of the arts, commonly re-enacting the scene from the movie Blazing Saddles worldwide.

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Fishing For a Cause...
Casting For Recovery

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